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ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF EVALUATORS – RoSE is a professional non-governmental Association. Its goal is to represent the associates’ interests with respect to the evaluation of projects, programs and public policies and to preserve the credibility and professional standing of its members at national and international level.

RoSE was established in 2010 by 63 practitioners with sound expertise in assessment and evaluation. Their number is continuously increasing. Our associate members are seated in all 8 Romanian Development Regions (at the NUTS II level) that provides RoSE with a national coverage.

RoSE aims to participate as a key player in providing support to practitioners working in the field of evaluation. Click here

Why should you join RoSE?

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As a Member of our Association you will benefit of our support and capabilities to enhance your professional competencies in evaluation.

By joining RoSE you will:

  • Use the RoSE Identifying Mark and the Code of Ethics, making you more reliable in front of your clients.
  • Benefit of specialized training in evaluation in line with the Occupational Standards that were promoted and drafted by RoSE and enforced by the National Authority for Qualifications.
  • Benefit of various standardized grids, guides, standard forms and other supportive documents for your work as evaluator (for members only, a webpage containing all the links with the standard documents from our Program Library).  
  • Get access to RoSE website, to be promoted and to download useful information and job opportunities.
  • Have a professional exchange of ideas and knowledge of large interest for the profession with the Forum Section of RoSE website.
  • Belong to the network of evaluators and access a shared data base.

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On May 21, 2017, 9.30-13.00, ROSE hosts at its Headquarters in Bucharest, Traian Street 184-186, Building A, 6th Floor, Sector 2, the International Workshop on Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 (GEA2020), with the participation of national associations of evaluators from Romania, Albania and Kosovo. The event is organized under the ARK2GEA transnational project and aims to promote the priorities of EvalAgenda2020 and to initiate an Action Plan that enhances evaluation mainstreaming at regional level. An open call for participation is launched to all RoSE members and to other interested persons. Please apply for information and registration to Mr. Lucian Sorescu, Lucian.escu@yahoo.com


In its General Assembly of April 7, 2017 RoSE endorsed the Declaration for supporting the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 (GEA2020), elaborated within the transnational project ARK2GEA. In addition to the Declaration, RoSE launched calls for evaluators to participate in EvalPartners networks: EvalGender+, EVALSDGs, EvalIndigenous, EvalYouth, Global Parliamentarians for Development Evaluation and for partnerships with the organizations interested in evaluation mainstreaming.


RoSE, ASPE and KEN, the professional associations of evaluators of Romania, Albania and Kosovo, as partners in the ARK2GEA Project have agreed on the Joint Statement to endorse the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 (GEA2020). 


ROSE has been awarded for a new project submitted under the Call for proposals 2016 of EvalPartners Peer-to-Peer Grants. Following a fierce global competition, aimed to select only one project at every continent, the project ARK2GEA "Transnational Cooperation Romania-Albania-Kosovo Evaluation Towards the Implementation of the Global Agenda 2016-2020", initiated by ROSE, was awarded on behalf Europe Region. 


IOCE – International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation and EvalPartners provide valuable support to exchange experience on joint licensing/credentialing system to be applied throughout a regional/global coverage for the recognition of professional competences of evaluators.